Elora, 20, New Zealand. Currently working towards a fitter and healthier me through a largely paleo/primal diet! Follow me on my journey to health. Pick up tips, recipes, and have a whole lotta laughs on the way! I have lost over 45kg (100lbs!) since starting my journey back at the end of January 2013. Check out my other pages for progress updates (my story is on my progress page!), workout songs and recipes! If you're stuck, or just want a new friend, drop me an ask anytime!

I have also written an Ebook with 16 of my recipes along with my kitchen essentials to help you on your path to better health. It's a small price of New Zealand Dollar $2.50 which will mean $2 or less for most of you, and the proceeds REALLY help me out! Check that out here:

The Shrinking Violet Ebook
The Shrinking Violet: Paleo Sweet Treats

Weight lost:
10kg (celebration meal!)
20kg (new perfume)
30kg (hair cut & colour)
40kg (new gym gear)

50kg (shopping spree!!)
60kg (photoshoot!)

8. September 2014

Time to discuss getting rid of this loose skin & my options! Interested to know how much fat I have left.

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i’m a good person, i deserve expensive underwear and dairy free ice cream.

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Anonymous said: is butter the only dairy you eat?

Yes. Occasionally I have cheese but my body doesn’t cope with dairy. If it did I would certainly have it more often.

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Anonymous said: Hey Elora!! I'm just starting off in my paleo journey, so excited for the new lifestyle. I'm just wondering if you eat potatoes?? I've read that they are not paleo and also butter. Thanks!! X

Hey love! No I don’t eat potatoes - they mess with your blood insulin levels and inhibit weightloss so I steer clear. Occasionally I might have one but not very often. And I eat loads of butter - food of the Gods!!!!

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Anonymous said: Hello. I am starting my weight loss journey and I find myself eating to little calories a day. I'm not starving and I'm not hungry. I'm scared that my body will go into the starvation mode. Can this happen? Eventhough I'm not hungry and I feel i eat enough. Thank you

Hello love! Honestly, calorie counting needs to be banished forever!!!! I don’t count anything and eat lots of fats through out the day and don’t worry about numbers - just try and find a balance that suits youn

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